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Parents Page

Important information for parents and teachers.

The games on this website will teach kids 600 English words if you do these things:

Bookmark the Kids website so your kids can find it easily.

Show your kids where to find the games.

Start at an easy level.  Level 3 is easy.  Level 6 is hard.

Tell them to keep playing until they get perfect scores on all games.

If they have trouble getting perfect scores move down one level.

When they get perfect scores on all games move up to the next level.

Ask your kids to play these games for 30 minutes every day.

These games can be played on a cell phone or a laptop computer.  When you see your kids watching YouTube or playing video games, tell them to stop what they're doing and play some Kids games for 30 minutes.

There are classroom lessons for every level.  You can download and print these lessons for free.  Click the links below.